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Welcome to a place of fun, laughter, tears, support, encouragement, growth, and knowledge. By being part of this community you will be able to share all of the wonderful blessings that come when women support one another.

About Our Community

Rather than explain how amazing our community of wonderful women is, this video by our Founder Sarah Cale explains pretty much the basis of what Positive Menopause stands for.

At 42 I started to experience what I now know are perimenopause symptoms, but no one was talking about it ( apart from the office jokes about women having hot flushes ). Thankfully I found this group. An inclusive, open and safe place to learn, share experiences, be there for each other and have a bit of a laugh along the way. 

Emma B

“I felt very negative and depressed about my menopause symptoms before joining this fabulous group. The community of wonderful ladies have supported and encouraged me and I now feel more positive about my menopause journey. The group empowers you to take more control, providing excellent support and information. I don’t know where I would be without Sarah and her team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxx   

Wendy B

I am amazed at how much I didn’t know about perimenopause. I didn’t know about brain fog or forgetfulness being a side effect. I had never heard that blurry vision was common. I learned about magnesium supplements and am now taking that and black cohosh. Thank goodness for the open, honest forum for women to share and ask questions.

Karin M

I feel the help from the Positive Menopause group has been invaluable.  I am not alone and don’t feel like I am the only person with terrible mood swings, tearful emotional episodes, struggles with self-confidence, foggy brain, hot sweats, lack of energy and motivation as well as all the wonderful physical changes menopause has blessed me with.  It is so good to talk to others experiencing the same or similar things and learn what has helped them.  I am grateful for the continued support and new updates/information from our group. 

Jayne Y

First of all, reading that so many other ladies had things like joint pain, I was able to stop thinking I had MS! I just couldn’t think what the cause of the pain was. Lying in bed with a soaking wet head, so common. Not sleeping, so common.
Meeting in person was fabulous and having some fun whilst talking about serious stuff.
Personal trainer telling us all about our diet and exercise and how that helps. Being introduced to Menopace, made me feel so much better.
All these things are achieved by joining this group.
Huge time and effort on your part Sarah, making it both interesting and relevant.
So so necessary to not feel isolated or alone in this strange time of our lives x


Judith B

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