“The compassionate action of its members most accurately measures the greatest of a community.”


Create your own profile

Membership in this community gives individuality. So you are able to create your own profile, add media, and share with others.

Build Friendships Online

With life being so busy, sometimes it isn’t easy to build new friendships. Maybe that’s because of a change in circumstance or other factors. So this platform gives the ability to connect with likeminded women.

Friendship Forum

Forums can be a place where you can share your deepest thoughts, idea’s and inspirations. It is a place of safety to ask those questions that we may find difficult.

Find Local Members

Finding someone you connect with within your local area can be extremely difficult. However, this group will provide shared demographics to make that far more accessible.

Free and Discounted Events

Local meetups can be so rewarding as you get to meet those members in your area. These will be free and discounted. This also applies so special events both social and educational.

Downloadable Resources

Positive Menopause will provide discounts and free resources to its members. This will include online courses, presentations and fact sheets.